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Buy 2 Legole Anti Ingrown Hair Aqua Conditioners 125ml & get 1 Legole Hair Removal Cream FREE
Receive a FREE Legole Hair Removal Cream when you purchase 2 x 125ml L...


Legole Anti Ingrown Hair Aqua Conditioner now has a TRIPLE ACTION FORMULA ~ that's 3 products in 1 bottle!! Use DAILY to keep Ingrown Hair nasties away!

Why buy 3 separate products when you can buy one Legole product which performs 3 essential functions below !!

Legole's amazing NEW TRIPLE ACTION FORMULA has helped thousands of men and women globally to:

* REMOVE INGROWN HAIR or Shaving Rash IN DAYS from the bikini line under legs, face and body (including brazilian) and with continued use PREVENTS the problem from returning !!

* EFFECTIVELY REMOVES ODOUR from the bikini line, under arm, legs and genital areas when applied DAILY ~  keeping you ODOUR FREE, FRESH and SEXY all day (& night) long !

* RETARDS HAIR GROWTH with continued use. Hair growth is reduced over time as Legole breaks down the keratin structure of the hair reducing the strength of the hair. 

ANNOUNCING THE LAUNCH OF:  Legole Sea Salt Skin Polish with Natural Honey, Herbal and Fruit Extracts. This amazing product will effectively exfoliate and nourish the skin leaving your face and body looking fantastic. Exfoliation is an important part of your daily shower routine. Daily exfoliation lifts dull dead skin to reveal fresh younger looking skin. Using natural Sea Salt as the "lifter" and healing Honey as the soother, the other exotic herbal and fruit extracts such as Turmeric and Tararind feed and nourishes your skin.

Apply Legole Sea Salt Skin Polish in the flavour of your choice, to damp skin in the shower. Pay particular attention to your feet, kneese, elbows, bikini line, under arm as well as your face and body. Rinse off under your shower. You will feel refreshed and rejuvinated. ORDER NOW at our introductory rate. Go to ORDER NOW

* 10 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE* Our product has helped 1000's of people globally. We are so confident that our product REALLY WORKS and actually does what is says it does, that we are offering a 10 day money back guarantee, provided the product is used as directed. If you are not receiving the desired results you expect, call us or email us for a free consultation on the correct use of the product for the most effective results!

Legole was established in 1986 and has been assisting sufferers to REMOVE INGROWN HAIR. ELIMINATE PERSONAL ODOUR and RETARD HAIR GROWTH successfully for over 24 years. Legole is gentle, pH balanced and water based so it is ideal for use externally in those "sensitive areas".

Ingrown Hair or Shaving Rash occurs immediately after the face and body hair is removed from the bikini line, under arm, legs, face or body (back or chest) of BOTH women or men.

The methods used to remove hair usually cause the ingrown hair problem: Waxing, Shaving, Hair Removal Creams, Tweezing , Electric and Depilation machines, all remove the hair from the surface of the skin, leaving the rest of the hair in the follicle where the problem begins...even IPL (laser hair removal) does not always remove the hair permanently.

Legole's triple action formula

Gently removes the ingrown hair problem IN DAYS, by working on both the skin and hair while gently exfoliating the skin that is trapping the hair in the follicle. Legole is water based and pH balanced. Absolutely NO ALCOHOL, GEL OR CREAM is used in our unique product. Alcohol burns, drys and cracks the skin in already sensitive areas and Creams or Gels keeps the area moist which harbors and attracts bacteria, resulting in a BAD ODOUR causing further problems. Alcohol, Gel and Cream based products make the ingrown hair problem worse and should not be used on ingrown hair problems.

Legole eliminates body odour and is also fragrance free! It sanitizes the skin it is applied to, preventing the build up of bacteria which produces the odour. Use every morning to be fresh and odour free all day. Also GREAT for work and those intimate moments! Keep some in your bag for those "freshening up" times

Over a period of continued use you will notice that Legole will also retards the hair growth by constantly breaking down the strength of the hair.  

HERE'S PROOF Legole REALLY WORKS!! The before and after pictures of the male face in the flash header and the TV ad above are from a trial we conducted on a person who no one else could help. These results were achieved IN DAYS!! If Legole Anti Ingrown Hair Conditioner can work so effectively on his terrible ingrown hair problem, imagine what it will do for your problem bikini line!! go to ORDER NOW!! Thousands of happy users worldwide! *


* We do not recommend that pregnant women use ANY cosmetic products as ingredients could be absorbed by the skin which may not always be good for baby. Its is better to err on the side of caution ! 

If you like Legole please refer us to a friend.

Orders outside Australia are billed in US$


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